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Message from the Pastor

Dear Congregation,

Over the past couple of weeks, the session here at New Kirk Presbyterian has monitored and continued dialogue over the Covid-19 Pandemic. Just like each of you, we understand the challenge to fully grasp and predict the effects upon the surrounding community. After much deliberation, we decided to put a plan into place to help us overcome both overreaction and carelessness. For most of us, these are unprecedented times. And the balance between good science and good common sense sometimes presents us with a crossroads. So we decided to take our cues from the local school system. Why? Well, we figured their decision would be based on the best current, local knowledge available with recommendations by DHEC, CDC, etc.

Since Richland Two Schools will close until April 1, we will also cease all NKP-sponsored gatherings. That includes committees, small groups (on- and off-campus), Sunday School, WOW, and worship services. We will reassess after Sunday, March 29, in hopes of gathering again for worship on Palm Sunday (April 5).

This is new territory for us. Larry, Alison, and I will collaborate remotely during the week in an effort to create a worship experience for each of you to enjoy from the comfort of your home by a simple click on a link. We will aim to make that link available to you on our Facebook page and web page. None of us are professional video editors. Nor did we sign up to be TV Evangelists. Please view with buckets of grace.

Finally, just a quick theological word here: Change shakes us, wakes us, and primes us for transformation. I'm reminded of Peter in prison. "All the time Peter was under guard the Church prayed to God for him unremittingly"(Acts 12.5). Church ran deeper than a mere gathering. Peter was shaken, awakened, and primed for transformation (see Acts 12.11).

Let's do this thing together. It'll feel at times like we're alone, double-chained, and sleeping betwixt two guards (Acts 12.6). We are more connected, however, than we could ever know.

In the coming weeks, please know that the staff and session remain available to offer you pastoral care. Let's all try that "Church prayed...unremittingly" thing. I think we too will come to ourselves in all of this, after that filling of light and falling off of chains (Acts 12.7-8).

If you find yourself in need of a daily mind/spirit massage, I'll be posting daily devotions in the coming weeks. You can click here and subscribe on the site to receive them by email.

May God's peace be with you,

Mike Sears

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