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Message from the Pastor

Return to Indoor Worship (in a new way)

Hello, NKP!

We realize Covid-19 is anything but over and that the numbers have worsened. But we also realize that NKP is a different congregation now that we've worshiped two months online and a month outside in the parking lot.

We acknowledge not everyone is on the same page with the world's Covid-19 experience, but we dare gather indoors out of faith.

This isn't some blind faith that God is going to protect us from Covid-19, if we only believe hard enough. Rather, it's a faith in each member of NKP: that she or he has a mature faith in God that can, at the very least, follow Paul's example of caring for the wholeness of each person he or she might meet (Romans 14.13-15, 1 Corinthians 10.27-33). To do that, here is how indoor meetings will take place in the foreseeable future:

MASKS: They're mandatory indoors. Unlike outside, where the abundance of fresh air might have allowed for removing masks while socially distanced, we're sharing the same air indoors. The only exception will be when worship leaders are speaking or singing while on stage. They, too, will be masked at all other times.

SEATING: The sanctuary floor will be bare, and you'll provide your own seating. Just like outside, each household will socially distance from other households.

ENTRY: Sanctuary doors will not open until 10:15. Ushers will direct you through one set of doors, directly into the sanctuary. Unfortunately, we cannot fellowship in the lobby at this time. When worship concludes, ushers will direct you out through another set of doors.

BATHROOMS: They're open! But use them sparingly, as they must be sanitized after each use.

WORSHIP: For now, only the worship staff and instrumentalists will lead on stage in order to limit exposure to unmasked air and equipment handling. Epidemiologists warn that congregational singing, even while masked, creates a lot of aerosol. While we will not and cannot tell you not to sing, we do ask that you prayerfully listen to the worship music. Singing in worship was intended to be a form of prayer anyways.

OFFERING: We won't pass the plates, but the offering box will remain at the back of the church, in front of the sound station.

COMMUNION: As you can imagine, we won't attempt communion this first Sunday back indoors. We are looking at communion on the first Sunday of August. To do this safely, we'll ask that you bring your own elements with you. We'll talk more about that later.

Even while restricted, it is a relief to get back indoors. July's morning sun, I fear, would show little mercy. But, even as we move things back indoors, let's continue to reflect and meditate upon what God has been teaching us while outside of our doors.

One final caveat: These are uncertain and troubling times. If you feel at all uncomfortable about any type of assembly, please do not feel obligated to physically attend worship with us on Sundays. We will continue to provide the on-line worship services - YouTube and E-Bulletin - as we have done in the past weeks.

Mike Sears, pastor

All are welcome at New Kirk Presbyterian.

We strive to be the place in Blythewood for church by walking with Christ to create opportunities to love and help others.

You need be nothing but who you already are in order to discover the presence of Christ and a warm family of faith right here.

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