What's New?

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Beginning at 5:30 pm, the service will be a lessons and carols experience. We're neither encouraging nor discouraging singing, but the lyrics will be projected on our screens, and all the readings and the lyrics to the carols are available for download here.

We invite participants into a prayerful meditation and one mindful of God and neighbor, both in our sanctuary and livestreamed on our YouTube page.
Our Book of Order reminds us, "There are many kinds of prayer...There are many ways to pray...Prayers may be spoken, silent, sung, or enacted in physical ways. The singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs is a vital and ancient form of prayer"(W-2.0202).

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas season.

Important Announcements

Congregational Meeting - January 3 2021

Please make an effort to attend church on Sunday, January 3, 2020,
and participate in our annual Congregational Meeting.

One important occurrence at this meeting will be a revision to our church bylaws, pertaining to the role of trustees being transferred to our ruling elders. This change is in line with the PCUSA Book of Order, but does constitute a change from how New Kirk has been organized in the past. To see the actual changes being proposed, please click the button above for a document showing what wording is being changed.

Amazon Smile

Throughout the year, many people use Amazon for online shopping. However, if you go to AmazonSmile.com to order instead of Amazon.com and choose a non-profit charity (like New Kirk Presbyterian), that charity will receive a donation of 0.5% of their order. Not much, but it adds up.

The site works identical to the regular Amazon site with no additional fees and you have the benefit of giving to a charity of your choice - hopefully New Kirk!

News from Presbytery

There are a lot of things going on at Trinity Presbytery now. See link below for highlights of actions of the 223rd General Assembly.

For more information, visit the ​Trinity Presbytery Web Site and click on the Current E-News button toward the bottom of the page.